About US

Our Mission

To provide lasting superiorities and to grow by providing solutions focused and quality service by creating different projects and technological added values ​​to the world, community and stakeholders.

Our Vision

To integrate modern technology with our expert engineers and develop safe systems without compromising our principles of quality and to make them widespread and to be the first global brand coming to mind about “Smart Technology Management”. To integrate modern and state-of-the-art technology with expert engineers and becoming the first global brand coming to mind about “Smart Technology Management”.

Asis|CT City Technologies

Our company was founded in 2007 and it started its business activities as Asis Elektronik Bilişim Sistemleri A.Ş. Asis Elektronik conducts R&D activities on Smart Ticket Systems, Automation Systems, Vehicle Tracking Systems, Card Access Systems And People Counting Systems and develops software. All system and equipment productions are performedusing our own resources Asis Elektronik is Turkish company providing turnkey automation and identification systems and turnkey solutions with its broad experience and achievements as well as the special projects that it has worked on so far.

Asis Elektronik aims to be a real “Solution Partner” that meets the all software and hardware requirements of its customerswith its main office in Istanbul, Regional Directorates all over Turkey, its experienced and specialized staff based on its quality service and fair price policy .

Today our company has developed and continues to develop special projects in many automation fields such as Vehicle Tracking Systems, Smart Card, Smart Stop, Smart Ticket, Smart City, Smart Token, Staff Attendance Control Systems, Access Control Systems, Cafeteria Crediting Systems, People Counting Systems and so on. These projects have been put into practice by contracts and sales with corporate and individual customers. Our company attaches great importance to R&D activities in their operations. In order to play a pioneering role in the sector, it is proceeding with sound steps by using its own

The first global brand that comes to mind about “Smart Technology”

Providing lasting superiorities and solutions focused and quality service by creating different projects.