Average Speed Violation Detection System

Traffic Control Systems with Advanced Capabilities

The Traffic Control System is an IT-supported transport application that detects vehicles that violate traffic rules, and which provides, in a digital format, the necessary evidence required for the imposition of the legal sanctions stipulated by the law against the drivers of such vehicles in order to ensure the traffic safety.

Traffic Control Systems have advanced capabilities, such as vehicle detection, plate recognition, violation detection, vehicle counting and classification, and brand/model detection, and can be used in various areas, including traffic safety, transport planning and public order services.

The Average Speed Violation Detection System is a Traffic Control System that detects speed violations based on the measurement of the average speed of vehicles, calculated from the time that elapses between two locations on the same route, and that keeps a visual recording of such violations.

  • Establishment of Multiple Speed Corridors
  • Controlling Two Lanes with One Camera
  • High-Accuracy Plate Recognition Function
  • Time Synchronization over NTP
  • Wide-Angle Camera Support
  • Vehicle Brand, Model and Color Detection
  • POLNET Integration
  • TSE 13787 Certificate of Conformity