In-Vehicle Camera Systems

Optimum Travel Safety

In-Vehicle Camera Systems can be used to display public order incidents, such as thefts, fights, etc., that may occur on public transport vehicles, and can be used as evidence by law enforcement officers for the identification of the people involved in such events, and so play a deterrent role, thus maximizing the comfort and safety of public transport. These systems make high quality audio and video recordings. It is possible to watch such recorded data both remotely and locally. In-Vehicle Camera Systems comply with in-vehicle standards, and are manufactured with high technologies that add value, ensuring the uninterrupted transmission of high-quality images. Having multiple cameras in the vehicle allows simultaneous image recording, or views from different angles.

In-Vehicle Camera Systems comply with the REGULATION ON THE PRODUCTION, MODIFICATION AND ASSEMBLY OF VEHICLES. It has IEC60068-2-75Eh, EN50102 (IK protection class), EN50155, IEC 60529 (IP protection class), CE and E-mark certificates.

  • High Resolution Capacity (Min. 2MP)
  • PoE Port Support
  • Automatic Calibration Capability (Outdoor Light Sensitivity)
  • Watermark Feature
  • Internal Microphone Support
  • Advanced Display Capabilities
    (Motion Detection, Noise Reduction, Gain Control, Masking, etc.)
  • Compatible with ONVIF Protocol
  • Memory Unit (SD Card) Support (Certain Models)
  • Broad Operating Temperature & Moisture Range
  • High Protection Class