In-Vehicle Nvr Systems (MNVR)

Take Control Forever

In-Vehicle NVR Systems contribute to security in public transport vehicles, and allow both public transport administrations and vehicle operator enterprises (Cooperatives, etc.) to monitor adverse conditions in the vehicle and to take immediate action. Equipped with high-speed processors, these devices have various features, such as H.264/H.265 video compression technologies, 3G/4G/WiFi network technologies and vehicle tracking technologies based on a GPS infrastructure. Aside from their video recording and instant/historical video displaying features, these high-tech devices also have route violation, alarm management and media management functions. The devices are fully compatible with use in the vehicle with their strong anti-vibration feature, their anti-electromagnetic interaction and their compact dimensions.

The In-Vehicle NVR Systems complies with the REGULATION ON THE PRODUCTION, MODIFICATION AND ASSEMBLY OF VEHICLES. It has EN50155, CE and E-mark certificates.

This system can be fully integrated with the ASİS CT Electronic Fare Collection System, and allows to print on camera images the transport card ID, transport card type, debited/remaining amount, line/station information.

  • Linux Operating System
  • Media Management (Optional)
  • 4 and 8 Channel PoE Port Support
  • Pre & Post Alarm Feature
  • Digital Signature Plugin (Watermarking)
  • Record Display Functions (Forward, Rewind, Stop, Pause, etc.)
  • Alarm Trigger Feature (Temperature Increase, Storage Unit Failure, No Camera Record, etc.)
  • G-Sensor Support
  • Record Search Mode on Date and Alarm Basis
  • Communication Interface Support
    (RS232, USB, Ethernet, etc.)
  • ONVIF Protocol Support
  • Broad Operating Temperature & Moisture Range