Common Communication Network with
In-Vehicle Control and Communication
Unit (OBCSU)

The In-Vehicle Control and Communication Unit integrates the various electronic systems installed on public transport vehicles within a single device, and through which the communication infrastructure is configured over an integrated single system. It offers a modular and flexible management capability to public transport authorities, with multiple built-in I/O interfaces, and allows for the optimization of communication management and costs by creating a common communication network within the vehicle.

  • Linux Operating System
  • Powerful Processor Infrastructure
  • Data Security SAM Interface (2x SAM Slots)
  • Broad Communication Interface (RS232, Ethernet)
  • Full Adaptation to Mobile Industrial Environment
    (Broad Operating Temperature Range, Broad Operating Voltage Range)
  • Internal Backup Battery
  • Power and Network Management Support
  • Data Transmission and Distribution Function
  • Passenger Information System Control
  • Internal Accelerometer and Temperature Sensor
  • High Current and Reverse Voltage Protection