Sensor -and Camera- Based Person & Passenger Counting System

High Efficiency, High-Level Technology

The Person Counting System has been developed for use in closed areas with a regular entrance, such as stores, shopping malls, hospitals, factories, etc. in order to count the number of people entering and leaving the location, and to produce meaningful reports for sector managers based on the garnered data. Processing the data obtained from counting, especially in the retail sector, allows for more accurate planning, and provides sector managers with value-added services for use in their decision support systems.

For example, the time period for peak the hours of a store can be determined, and the working hours of the staff and sales opportunities can be arranged to suit. The effects of marketing activities and advertisements can be verified with the data obtained from these systems.

The person-counting solutions offered by ASİS CT are currently being employed at more than 3,500 stores in 81 provinces. The system can produce daily, weekly and monthly reports.

  • 3D Video Analytics Technology with Stereo Camera
  • High Accuracy Rate (min 97%)
  • Location-Based and General Reporting
  • Offline Operation
    (In offline operation, data is kept in the local memory)
  • Capability of Direction Determination and Separation
  • Easy and Quick Installation
  • Communication Interfaces Support (RS232, RS485, USB),
  • Broad Operating Temperature Range
  • Compact and Ergonomic Design

These systems allow authorities to use the available capacity efficiently based on the number of passengers on public transport vehicles, and to carry out trip planning and line optimizations based on the acquired data. This is of critical importance for the efficiency of public transport administrations and vehicle operator enterprises (Cooperatives, etc.).

  • 3D Deep Visual Technology/3D ToF Technology
  • High Accuracy Rate (min 97%)
  • Ability to Count Adults and Children Separately
  • Ability to Separately Count Passengers Getting On/Off as a Group
  • Advanced Reporting Interface
    • Line-Based Passenger Density Report
    • Trip-Based Passenger Density Report
    • Station-Based Passenger Density Report
    • Vehicle-Based Passenger Density Report
  • Recording Data in case of Disconnection
  • Easy Assembly and Installation