Driver Control Panels that Support
the Driver in Keeping Situations
under Control

Driver Control Panels are devices that have been developed to support drivers in carrying out their duties aboard public transport vehicles, allowing them to manage their in-vehicle systems visually, audibly and tactually, and providing instant information flow to the fleet management center. These devices support drivers in keeping the situation under control, without affecting driving safety. The SKP4 and SKP10 have been designed and manufactured in compliance with ISO9001 :2008 and ISO9002 quality and manufacturing standards. Products are compatible with the EMC and EMI standards.

  • Linux Operating System
  • Data Security SAM Interface
  • 7” (SKPP4) & 10.1” (SKPP10) TFT Capacitive Touchscreen LCD Color Monitor
  • 5 MP CCD Camera (Optional), Color Status Notification Led, Built-in Speaker
  • Passenger Photo Display Function
  • Suspicious Transaction Notification
  • Driver Authorization and Line Start Feature via a Contactless Card and/or Pin Code
  • End of Day or Shift Reporting
  • Manual Tariff Change through the Device, when required
  • Warning Message in Case of Route Deviation
  • Media Management Function (Passenger Information Screen Management)
  • Displaying In-Vehicle Camera Views (MNVR Integration)
  • Vehicle Diagnostic Data Monitoring Screen (CanBus Integration)
  • Line- and Trip-Based Passenger Statistics Display
  • Visual & Audio Interaction with Fleet Management Center
  • Line Display Signboard Management
  • Health Monitor Feature (GPS, WAN, LAN etc.)
  • Support for a Broad Communication Infrastructure (3G/4G)