Smart City Consultancy Services

Plan Cities of the Future Today with Smart City Consultancy

Information and communication technologies and innovative approaches make a significant contribution to the value of the city life, in terms of being able to monitor and control urban studies and using resources more efficiently. This allows cities to increase the satisfaction of their citizens as well as to take higher ranks in various national/international indexes.

Local governments can add value to city life with the improvements they make in every aspect of life, thus increasing the maturity level of the smart city concept. The basic philosophy of smart city, however, is the holistic approach, and for this reason, smart city studies should be considered and carried out as a whole. With our expert staff, we, as ASİS CT, provide “Smart City Consultancy Services” in both strategy and technology layers within the scope of applications and projects that add value to cities.

For the different technologies and services that will support the smart city to work in harmony, an Information Technologies Architecture that is shaped according to the medium- and long-term Information and Communication Technologies strategies should be put forward, considering existing architectural approaches. It is necessary to create a structure within the Information Technologies Architecture that has been handled with a corporate architecture approach, and this starts with the identification of principles and architectural vision, and continues with business architecture, data architecture, information systems architecture and application architecture designs. We support the works aimed at preparing a holistic technology architecture for cities with our qualified staff.

Taking pride in producing indigenous and national technologies as part of its smart city solutions, ASİS CT continues to offer solutions that make the cities of today more livable in its efforts to design the cities of the future.

In this context, with its qualified staff specialized in the field of smart city and digital transformation, ASİS CT provides consultancy services to city administrations in their efforts to plan the cities of the future.

Within the scope of our Smart City and Transportation Systems Consultancy Services, we provide support to city administrations in:

  • smart city reference model analyses & good practice examples
  • current situation analyses and maturity feasibility assessments of cities
  • the establishment of smart city strategies and visions
  • the formation of a city index for the comparison of different cities
  • master plan studies for smart city technology architecture-information and communication technologies
  • designing, and determining road map for, smart city application projects
  • Intra-city transport planning studies
  • planning, and determining a road map for, smart transport systems.

“Smart City is a more livable and sustainable city that is implemented in cooperation with stakeholders, that uses new technologies and innovative approaches, that is justified based on data and expertise, and that creates solutions that add value to life based on predictions of future problems and needs."

Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbanization