Smart Waste Management System

Environmentally-Friendly, Smart Method

The Smart Waste Management System allows the optimization of the collection and management of the wastes, based on location-based data on container occupancy and temperature, collected through sensors that are resistant to outdoor conditions and installed on waste containers, and that is transmitted to mobile platforms (waste collection vehicles) or waste management centers.

The Smart Waste Management System consists of sensors that can be mounted on containers, tablet-like tools in waste collection vehicles and easy-to-use management software. Real-time and location-based occupancy data from the sensors are transmitted to the nearest vehicle and waste management center. Taking into consideration the waste collection rules determined by the waste management center, a route is calculated that optimizes time and distance, and this route is sent to the waste collection vehicles. If, when the vehicle is performing its duty on the route, there is a container in the near vicinity that is close to its occupancy limit, this container is automatically added to the task order.

The Smart Waste Management System digitizes the waste management process and increases efficiency significantly. In addition, it minimizes operating costs, while reducing carbon emissions. This means the establishment of an environmentally-friendly, easy to manage and sustainable waste management system.

  • Real-Time Route Optimization
  • Flexible Reporting Interface
  • User Friendly Interface Design
  • Map-Based Management
  • Long Sensor Battery Life (Minimum 10 Years Depending on Data Collection and Transfer Frequency)
  • Sensor Apparatus Design Specific for All Kinds of Containers
  • Operation Monitoring and Planning Capability
  • Estimation Algorithm Based on Historical Data
  • Determination of Container-Based Occupancy Rate, Temperature, Impact and Position
  • Ultrasonic Measurement Support
  • Support for Various Communication Systems, such as GSM, NB-IOT and Lora