Opportunity to Use Single-Use Data Matrix Tickets

VAL8 has been developed for the safe electronic collection of transport fares aboard public transport vehicles. It contains a powerful processor interface (ARM CORTEX A9) with a large memory capacity, and so can run high-level operating systems. The device has EMV L1 and L2 certificates that are fully compatible with the relevant ISO standards. The use of a single-use data matrix ticket can be ensured by integrating a built-in data matrix reader. Offering a rich set of user peripheral units, the device can be used with all transport cards compatible with ISO/IEC 14443A and ISO/IEC 14443B.

The device is designed to operate reliably in challenging electromagnetic and mechanical environments. All connectors are of the automotive type with a locked structure, precluding unwanted disconnections. The device is housed in a special case that is manufactured from a plastic material, and which is highly resistant to impact, scratching and fire.

  • Linux Operating System
  • Data Security SAM Interface (Supports up to 4 SAM Slots)
  • Line and Bus Stop Tracking through Instant Location Detection
  • 7” TFT Touchscreen LCD Monitor
  • Tempered Scratch-Resistant Glass
  • Built-in QR Code Reader
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Colored Status Notification LEDs
  • Supports Passenger Photo Display (Detection of Illegitimate Use)
  • NFC-Based Mobile Passing
  • Support for In-Vehicle Passenger Information and Announcement System
  • Processing Charging Instructions from the Web and Mobile Application
  • Case Design Suitable and Durable for Use aboard the Vehicle
  • High Protection Class
  • Secure Payment Infrastructure
  • Support for a Broad Communication Infrastructure (3G/4G)