Vehicle Telemetry

Full Support to “3E” Use of Vehicles

The Vehicle Telemetry System (CanBus) obtains relevant data from various systems, such as the engine, gearbox, doors, air-conditioner, etc., of vehicles, and transfers the data to external interfaces for storage and reporting in order to support the economic, effective and efficient (3E) use of vehicles. The main advantages of the system are increased driver safety, decreased breakdowns and accidents, extended part life, fuel savings and improved travel comfort.

The Vehicle Telemetry System (CanBus) enables the collection and reporting of valuable information related to the maintenance management, fleet management and driving quality of vehicles, such as vehicle speed, engine speed, accelerator pedal position, brake pedal position, engine load, distance traveled, fuel level, battery voltage value, tire pressure, engine oil level, engine water level, door open-closed information, air conditioner on-off information, brake pad thickness, oil pressure, transmission oil temperature, engine fault information and transmission fault information.


1) Tracking Module

  • Live Vehicle Monitoring
  • Vehicle History Monitoring

2) Driving-Travel Quality Report

  • Sudden Acceleration Detection
  • Sudden Braking Detection
  • Aggressive Driving Detection

3) Identification and Reporting Module

  • Vehicle Identification
  • Device Identification
  • Driver Identification
  • Performance Criteria Identification
  • Fuel Consumption Report
  • Travel Report
  • Brake System Health Report