Web-based Personnel Attendance Control System

Faultless Follow-up, Full Control

The ASİS CT Personnel Attendance Control System (PACS) is a state-of-the-art PACS that has been designed and developed using the most up-to-date technologies, and consists of a web-based software and endpoint terminals (readers). Its main purpose is to increase the monitoring and control capabilities of institutions to achieve a high level of human resource efficiency.

  • Web-Based Personnel Tracking
  • Identification of an Unlimited Number of Users
  • Department-, Section- and Shift-Based Tracking and Reporting
  • Management from a Central Point for Institutions with Multiple Branches
  • Determination of Non-attendance, Overtime/Shorttime, Tardiness, Early Leaving
  • Score Card Calculation
  • Capability to be Used as a Visitor Entry-Exit and Tracking Screen
  • Defining Special Access Permits (Dining Hall, R&D, System Room, etc.)
  • Automatic Mailing (For Urgent Notifications and Reports)
  • Broad Access Terminal Network (Gate, Barrier, Turnstile etc.)
  • Capable of Working Offline in case of Internet Outage
  • Support for Various Terminals with Card, Encryption or Fingerprint Reader (TCP/IP)